Email Marketing

Email marketing has evolved a lot over the last few years. The ever escalating cold war between spammers and email services has reached a sort of stalemate, and internet users are finally starting to understand the rules too.

Need help planning an email marketing campaign?

Good email marketing involves a mix of providing content that your customers want to see, and executing a well thought out plan for increasing the size of your list. Every list will experience some level of attrition, so in the long run you’ll need a system that gets your more new email subscribers than unsubscribes in any given month.

There are a lot great email marketing solutions out there including great companies like aWeber, Constant Contact and Mailchimp. Most of our clients use Mailchimp, which is the easiest to use, all things considered.

mailchimp email marketing

The best part about using an enterprise level email marketing service is that your email will always be in compliance with the Can Spam Act. You also won’t have to worry about being labeled a spammer or possibly damaging your existing search rankings.

To keep you in compliance, your company name and address will appear at the bottom of every email right along with an unsubscribe link, making it easy for people to remove themselves from you list.

 Recycle your website and blog content

We can’t stress enough how important good content is for your website, blog, and social media campaigns. After putting all that hard work into a great piece of content, why stop there?

A great email newsletter can contain multiple sections with several articles and more than one ‘call to action’. Take the first paragraph from your latest 3 blog posts and you’ve already got enough content for an impressive looking newsletter.

Our team can develop a plan based on your needs and walk you through the process. We can either help you promote your own content, or we can help to create it for you.