Workshops & Training

grow madison

Check out my latest pet project, Grow Madison. The goal is to empower local entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to help them grow. Our tech workshops are led by local experts and are designed to be experiential and hands-on, we encourage our students to bring projects to work on.

We offer discounts to non-profits and also offer full scholarships for tech-savvy teens. Learn more about our WordPress, Facebook and communication classes at the links below, or visit Grow Madison to purchase tickets and RSVP.

WordPress Training in Madison

If you can learn MS Word, you can learn WordPress. There’s a good reason close to 15% of the entire internet uses WordPress and we are proudly offering private WordPress training in Madison, Wisconsin. We offer beginning and intermediate workshops on how to get the most out of WordPress. You’ll learn everything from creating new pages and blog posts to handling comments and managing updates.  It’s easy to use, extremely flexible, and it’s Free. What more could any business ask for.


Facebook Workshop – Social Media Training

Most smaller companies don’t have the budget to hire a full time consultant for their SEO, and others prefer to keep their projects in-house. As a result, I found some other incredibly talented marketers to help put together a training package that will bring your employees up to speed in the current best practices of marketing online.

Communication Matrix Workshop

Do you know your communication style? Do you know how to identify others styles? Are your employees at each others throats? Does your sales team really know how to relate to prospects?

This 3 hour workshop is perfect for organizations with 15-40 people. This fast paced, exciting workshop is a great team builder and will give your employees common terminology for understanding each others communication styles. Learn your own personal communication style and how to best relate to others styles.

IMG_0406How to Sail

No that’s not a mystical metaphor for improving your workflow. I can actually teach you how to sail.

During the summer months here in Madison, I offer private sailing lessons to aspiring skippers. I’m  happy to work with groups or the whole family and can guarantee it will be just as fun as it will be educational.

Contact me for more information and pricing.